Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Ideas for a book

For some time I have felt God impressing upon my heart the need for a book on dating and relationships from an independent, fundamental standpoint. To my knowledge, the availability of this type of book is seriously lacking today. In this day and age, the glorification of everything ungodly in our society brings about added pressures from things like the internet, reality television, and even so-called Christian books that push the line in dating standards. Teenagers and young adults are quickly moving from a life set apart for Christ and their future mate to lives that are barely hanging on to what little they can salvage of their purity.
The goal of this book is three-fold. The first is to convey a call to purity to young people and to glorify all that is good in entering a commitment at the marriage altar having saved yourself for the one God has set apart for you. The second is to encourage single young adults who feel like their life is over because they are not married that God is not through with them yet. The last, which is the most important, is to honor and glorify God in setting guidelines in your search for and your relationship with a future mate.
I really think that a lot of people in Christianity today believe that finding another person who has kept himself (or herself) pure and has done everything possible to bring everything he can to a marriage is something that is unheard of. Because of that, I think they give in and sell themselves short of what they could have had if they had just held on a little longer and prayed a little harder. That is where the title of the book (and this blog) comes in. It really is More Than Just a Dream. I want to help prove that to them. Please pray with and for me as I attempt to undertake this very serious task.